RHEL 6 and Webwork

RHEL 6 and Webwork

by Mark Hamrick -
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Hello all,

I completed a test install of WW on RHEL 6. A rough set of notes is at the link below, once I have a chance to fix LDAP issues I will clean them up more.

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Re: RHEL 6 and Webwork

by Jason Aubrey -
Thanks Mark,

One of my goals is to make the installation documentation more modular somehow so they are easier to maintain. Do you have any ideas for that?

Right now my plan is roughly (1) abstract out the general installation steps into separate documents and (2) create a page for each platform that contain specific tweaks/notes/steps/warnings/etc for that environment.

I'm imagining that the collection from (1) would change slowly and provide enough information for experienced sysadmins to get up and running on any platform and the collection from (2) would change as new os versions are released, but would be easier to maintain because we wouldn't have to write a completely new set of installation instructions, just add to the notes.

I think it will still be helpful to maintain a very detailed and current complete installation document for Ubuntu and maybe Fedora or CentOS for use by people with no sysadmin experience who want to install it themselves.

What do you think about this plan? Here's a document I recently abstracted from the Ubuntu installation instructions:

Serving static files with lighttpd

Also, we recently helped an institution led astray by our old LDAP docs, so I updated those too:

LDAP Authentication

Please feel free to improve those and add your own installation docs. We really need some good Red Hat instructions.

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Re: RHEL 6 and Webwork

by Mark Hamrick -

I like the documentation style, when I get a chance I will try to do step 1 for RHEL 6.

Long term it would be nice to find someone who has packaging experience to make a deb and rpm for Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS/RHEL.