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system template

by Richard Bayne -
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Dear all,
In an attempt to demonstrate using a simple applet in a problem, I got a pop-up window error message stating the following:

You might be using an old template (stored at webwork2/conf/templates). The <body> tag in the system.template calls a function 'initializeAction()' -- this function name should be replaced by 'initializeWWquestion()'. Please update to a recent version of system.template

My question is: am I to just update the indicated file, and if so, just how should I do this? Or do I need to make a more general update. I believe the versions of both Webwork and pg I am currently using are 2.4.5.
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Re: system template

by Michael Gage -
In this case it will be sufficient to go to .../webwork2/conf/templates and type

cvs update -r rel-2-4-patches

That will update the template and I don't believe it will cause any other problems. Alternatively you can just live with the warning until you are ready for the next update -- it is an alert to encourage you to update, not a warning that something is fatally wrong.

At the end of the semester you should update to rel-2-4-patches (and also manually add transfer updates to the global.conf and data.conf files from the global.conf.dist and data.conf.dist files)

-- Mike