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by Chrissy Safranski -
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I know this thread is months old now, but I was just looking to do the same thing and this is what worked for me:

Score some homework sets and download the .csv.  Then add columns for test scores or whatever, and save it as report_grades_data.csv.  Upload using file manager, and put it under scoring/, which is the same level as templates, so you have to go up a level to see it.  

Next, open Email.  From the merge pull-down, select the file you uploaded, report_grades_data.csv.  Now I could access all the columns in the file.  It showed me the column data for me, so that I knew what column went with which index.  (This would be even more helpful if most of my scores weren't 0's, haha).

I entered a simple message:  Your first test score was $COL[n].  Your current homework average is $COL[m].  Your current/projected grade is $COL[k].

I saved this message as report_grades.msg.  I did not send it to the students.

Now, when I or students go the grades page, they see at the bottom the message I typed with their scores filled in.  So they don't get their whole row of grades unless you put that in the message, but you can show them additional grades.  

We are running the newest update, version 2.9, so your mileage may vary!