Installing new Webwork theme

Installing new Webwork theme

by Randy Cone -
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Dear Webwork,

In the process of bringing up our new Webwork server, we're trying to create a new theme. We've installed the directory, templates, and css files in the appropriate places and with the appropriate permissions. However, the drop-down list on the course configuration page doesn't give our new theme as an option, even after refreshing the page as suggested. What should we try next?

Randy Cone
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Re: Installing new Webwork theme

by Michael Gage -
Currently the new themes have to be listed manually.

The relevant code is in   


it should be fairly clear what needs to be done following the model of 
the themes already listed.

Once you have added your themes they should appear in the Course Configuration page.  (but remember to restart the server after modifying

Hope this helps.

Take care,