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Accessing problem set data

Accessing problem set data

by Alex Jordan -
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Is there a single file or folder where I can find all of the student data from a problem set? I would like a single source that provides me with every attempt to every problem from every student for a given "Hmwk set". If this has all of the time stamp data too, that would be great.

We are considering using web work for some research purposes, and accessing the data this way would be essential.

I know that I can see individual student's past responses to a question within a homework set, but from the perspective of an instructor I cannot see that I have access to where this information is all stored. I am running WeBWorK courses as a guest on the University of Oregon sever.

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Re: Accessing problem set data

by Dick Lane -
I think this is a useful query about an aggregated report to an instructor, but I think it would be best handled at the level of a particular problem.

I recently assigned
(unrandomized, but with a solution) to some precalculus classes.  No student who had previously used the "Email Instructor" button asked about this problem, but several students complained during class about wasting lots of time trying to go North (due-North) but never returning home.  My initial thoughts about a minor rewrite involve mentioning a "rightward turn to head northward ...".  For this problem template, I'm not sure what useful information could be gleaned from examining the Past Answers records for my classes on this single problem.  Unless a whole problem set is at the minimal level of Reading Competency, I think analysis of aggregated info about student responses is best done at the level of an individual task.

Nonetheless, I do think it useful to identify ways to provide informative summaries to teachers.  To complement that "give us more tools and let us decide how to use them" advocacy, I will mention that I had a recent discussion/debate (during an outreach workshop) about using the "effort index" as part of a course-grade.  I advocated ignoring it for grading but valuing it for advising.

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Re: Accessing problem set data

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Alex,

Yes - The transaction log contains data from each recorded answer submission. The answer log stores a history of all users' submitted answers.

Each course gets one transaction log and one answer log which records all of the data for all of the sets from the course.

It sounds like the answer log is what you want. It contains data that looks like this:

[Thu Aug 25 14:20:24 2011] |gjrv26|Homework_Set_1_Part_2|7|111	1314300024	(y^2+1)^(1/2)	e^(3t+1)	log(3y+1)	

and that is recorded each time a student submits an answer.

You can find the answer log for your course in your File Manger.  At the top of the file manager, there is a drop down menu. By selecting the name of your course in that drop down menu, you go up to the root directory for your course. There you'll see four directories templates/ (which is shown by default in the file manager), html/, scoring/ and logs/. You can find the answer_log in logs/.

Also, it probably wouldn't be too hard to make the logs record more information or to make a custom log to record the information you want.

Hope this helps,