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Moodle cron job not updating ww grades

Moodle cron job not updating ww grades

by Jim Logan -
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When we browse to http://oursite.edu/admin/cron.php we get the following error:

Processing module function wwassignment_cron ...Communication error between the Moodle client and WeBWorK server.

The apache log file shows "Begin wwassignment_cron", but no "End wwassignment_cron"

However, communication between Moodle and Webwork is working for other activity. We can update the Moodle gradebook by manually saving a Webwork problem set, without making any changes to the problem set, and other Moodle/Webwork interaction is okay.

We have tracked the cron problem to the function call $wwclient->grade_users_sets() in the function wwassignment_get_user_grades() of the file /moodle/mod/wwassignment/lib.php, which never returns - probably due to the communication error.

The corresponding Webwork function is in the file WebworkSOAP.pm, but we don't know how to debug the WebworkSOAP.pm file, or determine if it ever got the call.

Thoughts and suggestons welcome.