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URL for set Default Header list of functions link

URL for set Default Header list of functions link

by Murray Eisenberg -
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What's the correct URL for the "list of functions" link in the set Default Header file?

On our local system, it's current set to


which is a dead link.
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Re: URL for set Default Header list of functions link

by Michael Gage -
For now:


will work and so will


Eventually I'd like to have this reference moved to the site webwork.maa.org

We're in the process of upgrading to a more powerful server at Rochester and eventually will be moving to an "official" server at webwork.maa.org

we'll clean up the dead links as best we can but there will occasionally be temporary breakage.
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Re: URL for set Default Header list of functions link

by Fuzzy Rogers -
Yikes- this is going to cost me a ton of work (we're running both 1.9 and 2.4).

For legacy support I would suggest creating a referrer to
which would be rather simple I think. You'd have to be able to CN DNS webwork.math.rochester.edu
to an existing web server
(i.e. webwork IN CNAME gate )
which should be straight forward.
Then have a virtual host in httpd.conf

bracketleft VirtualHost *:80 bracketright
ServerName webwork.math.rochester.edu
DocumentRoot /var/www/oldwebwork/
bracketleft /VirtualHost bracketright

and pop the referrer in there.

The problem on our end is that our professors create specialized set 'header' files which get archived and then recalled when they teach the same course a year or more later. I fixed the 2.4 version for new profs which points to conf/snippets/setHeader.pg , but again I'd hate to have to change this for every set which has a unique header file!

What do you think?
(serving webwork to over 3000 students this quarter)
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Re: URL for set Default Header list of functions link

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Hoss,

Could you arrange this redirect for parts of the webwork.math.rochester.edu domain? Hopefully it is low maintenance
and as Fuzzy Rogers says it will save him (and probably some others) a lot of repetitive work.


Take care,



Hoss Firooznia

to Michael, Arnold, Vicki, Michael, John
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As requested, I've just setup these redirects on math.webwork.rochester.edu.