mod_perl crashes

mod_perl crashes

by Clinton Curry -
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I have a funny problem with WeBWork on Apache 2.2.20 (Ubuntu) and mod-perl 2.0.5-2ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 11.10; I had what seems to be the same problem with Ubuntu 10.04, though I did not record the versions of the corresponding software.

In any case, is my symptom: Apache crashes when I try to start with WeBWorK. The output is here. The funny bit is that, if I remove the relevant part of the configuration, start Apache, replace the configuration, and ask Apache to do a graceful restart, then Apache starts and WeBWorK is available.

I therefore have two questions. First, has anyone else encountered this before? Second, if no one here knows what the trouble is, who shall I ask?

In case it helps, here is the output from perldoc perllocal (listing versions of installed perl modules).

P.S. The version of Digest::SHA which comes with this version of Perl is 5.47. I upgraded to 5.70 through CPAN, but the trouble remains. However, lobotomizing Perl so that SHA can no longer be loaded (renaming the new so that the version numbers between the .pm and the .so do not match) results in Apache starting successfully...
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Re: mod_perl crashes

by Michael Gage -
I suspect this has to do with a specific version of ubuntu.

I found this reference to a similar error message at

and also

via google.

I didn't drill down to see how/if the bug was resolved.  You may need
to post this question on an ubuntu list.  They may be familiar with this error message.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike