Advice about a new installation for a tutorial/quiz system

Advice about a new installation for a tutorial/quiz system

by Darryl Yong -
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Dear colleagues,

We're embarking on a WeBWorK installation on our local server for a tutorial/quiz system and could use your advice on how to set things up.

Here is our vision of the tutorial/quiz system:

Students (these are students entering our school before the first semester) need to score a 100% on a quiz within a specific time limit. Students can retake the quiz as many times as they like, even after they score a 100% within the time limit, and they can see their progress and record of attempts. Ideally, the problems would be algorithmically generated so that there would essentially be an infinite supply of these quizzes. (These problems are more complicated, multi-step problems involving different mathematical skills.) When students complete a quiz, they get to see how much time they took and which problems were answered correctly; the correct answers to any missed problems would also be shown.

In addition to the quizzes, students would have access to a set of tutorial web pages. Each tutorial page would focus on a particular mathematical skill, and each page would have a large supply of practice problems. Students can complete the tutorials by answering, say, 3 practice problems correctly in a row. However, the completion of the tutorials is completely optional for students.

Does this sound like something simple or complicated to set up?

What advice would you have for us in setting this up?

Is it possible that there are WeBWorK consultants would be willing to work on this project on our behalf?

Thanks for your advice!

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Re: Advice about a new installation for a tutorial/quiz system

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Darryl,

WeBWorK will do most of what you describe for the quiz component of your goal currently. See for a discussion of the gateway/quiz assignment. Gateway/quiz assignments are timed, allow multiple attempts, allow problems to be drawn from testbanks, and can allow students to see their work after completion.

Your tutorial sounds as if it could be minimally implemented by having a bank of tutorial homework sets students could work (we do this in one case by having the sets available in a course with a lot of guest users, in that we aren't concerned about seeing students' work). WeBWorK does not currently allow a set to have a length determined by students' success on it, but this is on the drawing board and may show up sometime in the next year.

Does that help with your project?