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Disabling printing for a course

Disabling printing for a course

by Lars Jensen -
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Dear Colleagues,

What is the simplest way to disable pdf printing for a particular course (for the students). I tried to add this line to course.conf:
%permissionLevels = (       
download_hardcopy_format_pdf => "ta",

but apparently a single permission cannot be changed this way because when I try to login to the course webwork reports that all the other permissionLevels have not been set. Copying all permissionLevel settings from global.conf over to course.conf does work, but I wonder whether there is a way to change a single permission level for a course?



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Re: Disabling printing for a course

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Lars,

What you have done is to replace the entire permission hash which obviously is not what you want to do.

To just change one item, do the following:

$permissionLevels{download_hardcopy_format_pdf} = 'ta';