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Library browser causes slow-down

Re: Library browser causes slow-down

by Michael Gage -
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You can get library browser 3 from the github.com/openwebwork repository.
I have this version working on test.webwork.maa.org but you will need to do a bit of work on the configuration files when you install it, so plan to spend a little time, and don't risk it on a machine where being down for a few hours would be a disaster.

You can use svn to get the latest version from github.com/openwebwork

For instructions of using svn with github go to 


the instructions are pretty straightforward.

There is a README in the webwork2/conf directory for working with the new configuration files.  

It's best to get new versions of both the webwork2 repository and the pg repository from github.com/openwebwork.

Complete docs still need to be written which is part of why the newest version hasn't been pushed to the svn repository yet. (Exam season is the other reason :-) )