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Chemistry anybody?

Chemistry anybody?

by Zak Zarychta -
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hello there,
I was wondering if anyone had some working chemistry questions. I'm giving a quick presentation at a teaching colloquium at the university about and would like to demonstrate the versatility of WebWorK.
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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Michael Gage -
There has been some activity.  See




read down to Davide Cervone's description of the contextReaction.pl 
macro file.

Eric Stroyan has a small collection of chemistry problems.  I'm not sure if 
they are available on line yet -- but you could ask him directly if he would share them.

-- Mike

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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Eric Stroyan -
You are welcome to what I have. I can send you a compressed collection including the necessary macros. The compressed file is 4.7  MB or I would have attached it here. Let me know where you need me to send them.
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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Nandor Sieben -
Our chemistry department uses something called LonCapa

I think it's very similar to webwork but has a large chemistry problem library.

It uses  http://www.dragmath.bham.ac.uk/ . Perhaps this would be useful for webwork as well.
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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I thought I'd try here before starting a new one.
I was discussing WeBWorK with a colleague in Chemistry who was talking about their frustrations with the costs and limitations of commercial online homework systems for Chemistry.

I suggested that WeBWorK might be able to provide a platform, and came across this while searching to see if there were any existing problem libraries. One requirement they have for online homework is the ability to have students draw molecules and have the results graded.

Are there any plugins for WeBWorK that would support this sort of exercise?

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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Danny Glin -
Our organic chem courses are using a moodle question plugin for drawing molecules:
At one point I did some preliminary work integrating JME (javascript molecular editor) into WeBWorK, but since there was already an existing plugin for Moodle, they went that route instead.

If you want, I can put you in touch with the person in our Chemistry department who maintains these questions.
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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
Sure, that would be great. I can pass the information along to people in Chemistry.
Our University's Teaching Centre has been trying to nudge people in the direction of open education resources; we've been ahead of the curve on this in the math department, and are now trying to drag others along for the ride.
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Re: Chemistry anybody?

by Delmar Larsen -

Howdy. I am working on expanding Webwork within a secondary platform (ADAPT) that operates as an abstraction layer for Webwork, IMathAS, H5P, QTI and other questions tech. I big effort this year is general chemistry in webwork, if you are willing to share your collection, I would appreciate it (for my chem classes and for others).