Use of options_info.txt

Use of options_info.txt

by Wojciech Komornicki -
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After creatiing a course, in the directory setOrientation there is a file options_info.txt whose contents suggest that it be displayed when a student is updating their profile. However, I cannot figure out how to get this file to display. Any suggestions?
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Re: Use of options_info.txt

by Michael Gage -
I'm not 100% sure of this but I think that might be a legacy file which 
was read into one of the problems in the set with setup information that
was specific to Union College (where this orientation was first written).  I suspect that the Union College specific aspects of the set were removed
but the external file was not discarded.  I believe that includePGfile() allows you to read in external files.  This was included in the macro files which is at NationalProblemLibrary/macros/Union.

A similar function  includePGproblem($filePath) is also available. It is defined in pg/macros/

Davide Cervone could tell you the original purpose of the file. Arnie Pizer might also have some information since he recently reorganized the setOrientation collection.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike