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jsMath and unselectable multiple choice options

jsMath and unselectable multiple choice options

by Gavin LaRose -
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Hi all,

I'm finding repeated cases where use of jsMath mode results in the top option of a multiple choice problem not being selectable. Sample code that might result in this behavior is shown below.

$pr = new_multiple_choice();
$pr->qa( '\(\displaystyle {1\over s} - {2\over st} =\)',
         ' \(\displaystyle{t-2\over st}\) ');
$pr->extra( '\(-\displaystyle{1\over st}\)',
            '\(\displaystyle{1\over t}\)',
            '\(\displaystyle{2-t\over st}\)',
            '\(\displaystyle{-1\over s-st}\)' );

It's worth noting that (a) this doesn't occur with MathJax, or with images mode, and (b) it is possible to click into a lower option and then use the arrow keys to move the selection up to the first option. My interpretation is that the equation (font image files) is overlapping just enough with the top radio button that the browser is unable to distinguish the click as being on the radio button and instead thinks it's a click on the equation. This is supported by my ability to get a jsMath pop-up to appear by double clicking.

It may or may not be related that this is occurring in a gateway_quiz type assignment. I should perhaps add that I don't think this is a function of the use of \over in place of \frac, but could be proved wrong on that.

Is there an obvious solution or work-around for this? I tried going to MathJax, but that resulted in far more complaints about display of [math] in place of the equations. For now I've reverted to images mode (sigh).


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Re: jsMath and unselectable multiple choice options

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Gavin,

You might try experimenting changing the macro which outputs the display buttons to add a little extra space and see if that helps.  Davide told us how to rewrite one of the matrix macros so that matrix delimiters were out put in MathJax.  That was a case were jsMath worked but MathJax didn't.

I assume the complaints about [math] with MathJax were from students using IE.

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Re: jsMath and unselectable multiple choice options

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Arnie,

Thanks. It appeared to work if I manually added a $BR at the end of the question, so this is probably the solution. I was hoping there was a silver bullet—some configuration variable for jsMath or such.

I assume that the errors with MathJax were from IE users, but they came in quickly enough that I didn't do any debugging before reverting to a display mode that I was more sure would work.