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Password to hosted course

Password to hosted course

by William McNeary -
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I set up a hosted course in Spring '11 for our high school Calculus, but was too busy during the school year to spend much time on it. In the fall, Calculus was moved to another teacher so I didn't work with it at all, but now I'm trying to get familiar with Webwork during the summer and I can't log into the course. I have no trouble logging into the moodle and the wiki, but not the hosted course. The course is charlestonk12-calc1 .

What do I need to do?

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Re: Password to hosted course

by Michael Gage -
Hi William,

If your course was hosted at courses.webwork.maa.org you should send an email about this to webwork@maa.org.   (see also contact information
at https://webwork.maa.org ).  The hosting site administrators will be able to reset your password for you. The password for your hosted course is different from the password and login named used for the wiki and this moodle forum.

-- Mike