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Creating multiple sections of a single course

Re: Creating multiple sections of a single course

by Dick Lane -
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A 2011-January posting by Mike Schroeder
describes a variant of the procedure outlined by Jason.

a) spelling correction:  $feedback_by_section
  [usually set to 0 (false) in global.conf, can be overridden in course.conf (which you can edit using the File Manager in Instructor Tools, the file is one level up from the templates directory)]

b) assign instructor or ta to multiple sections, e.g., "001,002,003"
  [I have not tried part (b) and, prior to rereading Mike's post today, my belief matched Jason's "one section number per user".]

David --- If all instructors have professor status in the course, then each has full access to create assignments for the course.

Jason --- how do you coordinate assignment creation for a course with several instructors?