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Problem part on-line, part on-paper

Problem part on-line, part on-paper

by Murray Eisenberg -
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How do I handle, say, a problem whose total value (out of 100 points for the entire set) is 20 but on which there are 5 parts -- 3 of which are to be done on-line (for a possible total of 12 points of those 20) but 2 of which are to be handed in on paper (and then to receive a possible total of 8 more of those 20 points).

Of course I want the students to see that this entire question is worth 20 points.

Is THAT where I want to use the weighted_partial_grader ?
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Re: Problem part on-line, part on-paper

by Maria Nogin -
I am not sure if there is a better way. Here is what I do, e.g. in calculus classes where they have to sketch some graphs once, but the rest of the semester is completely on-line. I edit the problem so that to indicate at the very end "Now sketch the graph of this function and turn it in on such and such date. The graph is worth so many points." Then I grade the paper part separately. WeBWorK shows only how much the on-line part of the question is worth, but I explain to the students in advance that this homework also contains a paper part.

If anybody knows a better way to grade such assignments, I'd be interested too.