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Knowls in WeBWorK problems?

Knowls in WeBWorK problems?

by Alina Duca -
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Did anybody tried to embed knowls into WW problems? Here is a demonstration page with knowls for a section of Rob Beezer's free textbook on Linear Algebra. Thanks.

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Re: Knowls in WeBWorK problems?

by Robin Cruz -
I am also interested in embedding knowls in WeBWorK problems. I found instructions on how to do them in a regular webpage:


I read about linking html pages to WeBWorK problems from the Problem Techniques page, but doing it this way makes a new window for the information. I like the idea of the information popping up on the same page as the problem.

Has anyone worked with knowls--or something like them--in WeBWorK?
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Re: Knowls in WeBWorK problems?

by John Jones -

First, you can turn on knowls for hints and solutions -- it is controlled through the configuration.

The helpLinks (for things like interval notation) now use knowls.  This includes an expanded list help for input types written by Paul Pearson.

If you just want a knowl in a problem for something else, you can use

Here is a knowl
\{ knowlLink("click me", value=>'This is the inside of a knowl.  If you click again, I will go away') \}

To put it in directly.  The original spirit of knowls (a little bit of knowledge) was that they be reusable.  Instead of specifying a value, you can specify the url of a file with html in it, and that html will appear in the knowl.  Then you can use one file in multiple places.


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Re: Knowls in WeBWorK problems?

by John Travis -
How have I missed knowls were this easy now. I guess checking the forums is a good thing, Thanks also to Alina for asking the original question.