WeBWorK moodle theme and options

WeBWorK moodle theme and options

by Ted Wetherbee -
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I have Moodle 2.2 setup and working with Webwork 2.5 for spring semester, but I've had trouble figuring out what the moodle theme does and should do, and if it can do what I want for mobile users.

In testing, I don't see much difference between the math2 and moodle themes. The moodle theme doesn't not strip out "uneeded" matter--which should be almost everything except the body content as students using Webwork through the wwassignment plugin don't need to navigate, login, or even look at grades.

I stripped down the included "test" theme to show all that is needed just within Moodle, and that is fine, but a set stripped down course theme for students using Moodle requires extra steps for me: switch to math2, edit, then set the course back to the stripped test theme. Also, I would like to allow students to use WebWork alone in a full mode, then use the stripped theme within Moodle on the same sets.

So, my questions are:
1) Is my setup wrong with the moodle theme?
2) Is there a way to force a particular theme (webwork theme) just for a session rather than by site or course, in this case based on a Moodle wwassignment access?

Many thanks!

Ted Wetherbee - 2013jan2
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Re: WeBWorK moodle theme and options

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Ted,

There seems to be a problem with the templates that are now available on github.

On my current production server (set up last summer) in conf/templates/math2 there are system.template, gateway.template, and lbtwo.template. In conf/templates/moodle, there are system.template and lbtwo.template.

On that old code there are also substantial differences between math2/system.template and moodle/system.template. However, on the current code there are no system.template and gateway.template and there are no differences between math2/lbtwo.template and moodle/lbtwo.template.

This seems wrong to me, but I haven't been closely following the work on the new UI stuff recently.

I'll try to track this down. In the meantime, anybody here know what happened?

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Re: WeBWorK moodle theme and options

by Ted Wetherbee -
Thanks Jason,

I don't have any files named "ibtwo.template" in webwork 2.5.0 I'm running--or on the same version I downloaded again, just to make sure. This is what I see:


These, respectively, refer to css files in htdocs/css/

I assume that the desired behavior is for the moodle theme to strip down the displayed content from a moodle wwassignment access, but appear much the same as the math2 theme otherwise. I've not been able to get this change in appearance to happen, though the functionality seems to be perfect.

Many thanks, Ted
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Re: WeBWorK moodle theme and options

by Michael Gage -
I believe in the newer versions (I believe since -- the templates are stored at htdocs/themes  not at conf/templates or webwork2/themes. (These latter files are not being used at all I believe and we'll remove them permanently once I'm sure of that.)

One of the nice things about the new mechanism is that you can drop a theme directory into htdocs/themes and it appears in the Course Config page -- no editing required.  (You might have to reboot the server after adding the theme directory.)

-- Mike