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WeBWorK::Raleigh code camp results

WeBWorK::Raleigh code camp results

by Michael Gage -
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We're just finishing a very successful weekend of coding at WeBWorK::Raleigh hosted by Alina Duca at the North Carolina State University campus.  

There is a preliminary report already from Anneke Bart but we will have more complete reports appearing over the next couple of days in this news bulletin, in the blog aggregators at  http://openwebwork.org  and http://webwork.maa.org/planet and in the wiki.  Stay tuned.

One heads up for WeBWorK software developers:  There have been important changes in how the github repositories are organized.  An email detailing some of the changes has already been sent out on the webwork-devel list. More information will be following soon on the development list and on the wiki.

-- Mike