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Display Bug with Reduced Credit Period?

Display Bug with Reduced Credit Period?

by Alex Jordan -
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When I enable the Reduced Credit Period for an assignment, some things go awry on the set header screen. Just to be clear, if I disable the Reduced Credit for the problem, there are no display issues.

First, there a message in orange at the top of the screen:
tr: This assignment has a Reduced Credit Period that begins 04/03/2015 at 12:20pm PDT and ends on the due date, 04/04/2015 at 12:20pm PDT. During this period all additional work done counts 70% of the original.

Even if some message like that is supposed to be there, the "tr:" at the beginning shouldn't be.

Second, the Email Instructor button and hard copy download link are moved to the right of the problems, when they normally live below the problems.

Third, the set header is being displayed down below the problems, necessitating a scrolling down if the set list is long.

Does any one else have these issues if you enable Reduced Credit?

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Re: Display Bug with Reduced Credit Period?

by Patti Lamm -
I receive the "tr:" at the beginning of the message about reduced credit (did you figure out how to remove that?), but everything else seems to be working fine.
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Re: Display Bug with Reduced Credit Period?

by Alex Jordan -
At this point I am running version 2.8 with the math4 theme. I can report the same: that the set header information displays fine (not pushed down to the bottom of the screen like it used to) but yes, there is still that "tr"). It seems to be an errant table row command.