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Check answer (red/green fields) turned off?

Check answer (red/green fields) turned off?

by Anneke Bart -
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Can we choose to turn off the check answer?
I am finding that students tend to multiple guess their way to an answer without knowing what they are doing. Further more, the attempts are not logged so I cannot necessarily see what they are doing.

And I would like to use WW for placement with only a finite number of attempt.
This feature seems to undermine that.

Is there a line I can add to the code to turn this feature off?

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Re: Check answer (red/green fields) turned off?

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Anneke,

I may or may not be correctly interpreting what you're saying here, so if this doesn't answer your question please re-ask.

Students only have access to the "check answer" button after they have used all attempts on a problem, or after the due date. Before that they have only the "preview" and "submit" buttons, and the latter does log all attempts. Professors always have the "check answer" button as well.

The number of attempts allowed on a problem, or for a test, can be set by editing the set in the Set Detail page.

Please let me/us know if that doesn't answer your question

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Re: Check answer (red/green fields) turned off?

by Davide Cervone -
If you are writing matching questions or true/false questions or other questions where guessing might be effective, you might want to use an alternative grader. The default grader gives partial credit for the part that are correct, and gives the student correct/incorrect for each part.

There is another grader that doesn't give partial credit and doesn't tell which which parts are correct until they are all correct. Perhaps that will do what you want?

To use it, add

See if that does what you want.