WeBWorK Problems

WeBWorK Physics Problems

WeBWorK Physics Problems

by Danny Glin -
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Our Physics Department here at University of Calgary is looking for a replacement for Mastering Physics, and one of the things that they are considering is WeBWorK.

I took a look at the OPL, and there are a few topics that relate to physics, but nothing large scale.  I've also installed the CAPA problem library as a starting point.

Does anyone else have any physics questions that would be suitable for introductory undergraduate courses?  Our physics department is hoping for something to use as a starting point, and possibly collaborate to improve.

Danny Glin
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Re: WeBWorK Physics Problems

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Danny,

Do a google search for e.g. "webwork physics" and it will bring up some sites.  One is https://homework.ps.uci.edu/webwork/2013Summer10Week_Physics_3LC_47196/ .
Irvine has been using WeBWorK for physics for many years so probably has a library of problems.  I don't know who to contact there, but you should be able to find out.  

If you get a list of places using WeBWorK in physics, it would be good to put that up in a public place. I'll bet a lot of physics departments are using WeBWorK in isolation.

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Re: WeBWorK Physics Problems

by Michael Gage -
also look at https://testcourses.webwork.maa.org/webwork2/physics_library/
to view what the CAPA problems look like. (This may not be the complete collection -- I put it together some time ago and just restored it to the MAA

There are also physicists at Rochester who have used it for Astronomy 101 type courses and for first semester physics mechanics courses.  I don't think I know
of anyone who has used it for E&M.  Let me know if you want to contact them and I'll put you in touch.  (gage@math.rochester.edu)

-- Mike

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Re: WeBWorK Physics Problems

by Todd Zimmerman -
I've been working with Alex Basyrov in our Math department to put together a library of physics problems.  I'm currently working on problems to accompany Chabay and Sherwood's Matter & Interaction, but I'll be turning to Knight's calc-based physics book once we've finished problems for the second volume of Chabay and Sherwood.

-Todd Zimmerman
University of Wisconsin - Stout