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Re: retagpg command line tool

by Nandor Sieben -
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> Who would use it?  

I use it to pick tags for a new problem before I add the problem to the NAU library. Problems are often written by instructors nor familiar with the tags and the Taxonomy. The use of the script makes spelling errors and missing tags less likely.

I also run the script in check mode to make sure the NAU library has no incorrect or missing tags. I can also run it on the whole OPL and find errors to report through bugzilla. (There are plenty of errors currently.)

> In what library/repository would the revised files reside?  

The user of the script can overwrite the tags and add missing tags in place. The old file is replaced by the updated file. This is a command line tool run by the webwork servers system administrator.

> How would [suggested] changes propagate to the OPL?

It's a bug fixing and new problem creation tool. System administrators can use it to make their new problems satisfy the OPL rules before they are put into the OPL.