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Student Enrollment by Students?

Student Enrollment by Students?

by James Schatzman -
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I am new to WebWork, and am trying to set up a class. I have no idea about my students' email addresses. I could request that information from my students and enter it. However, I am wondering if it is possible to allow the students to "enroll" themselves into my WebWork class. I note that some colleges have a separate website for this process. Is there a tool available that does this, or a web application I can install into Apace that will do this?



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Re: Student Enrollment by Students?

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Jim,

I think the short answer is that there isn't a good way to do this in general. Bill Wheeler's LTI package allows students to be auto-added to a WeBWorK course when they are enrolled in an external course database, but that's a step more complicated than what I think you're discussing. Note that students can edit their e-mail addresses once they log in, so a possibility if you know who the students in your course are is to add them with blank e-mail addresses and then ask them to update that information.