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BEGIN_TITLE Problem with Union Problem Library

Re: BEGIN_TITLE Problem with Union Problem Library

by Davide Cervone -
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You can do as Mike suggests (which provides a definition for BEGIN_TITLE and END_TITLE), or you could just edit these out completely, as they are there only because I was using the WeBWorK set as my actual slides for the talk. This gave me the ability to give the "pages" a title so they presented nicely, but that is not really necessary (or really desirable) for the problem itself.

Note also that this particular problem does NOT use the new MathObjects (the new name for "Parser objects").

Mike points out that there are other macro files needed for implementing the "show source" buttons and such. You can actually get them from the slide for my talk because when you show source on a problem file, the various macro files are linked so that you can get to them as well. For example, you could access my PGcourse.pl file that way, as well as the slides.pl, source.pl and url.pl files that my slides used.

Good luck with your coding.