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Creating a library

Creating a library

by christelle scharff -
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How can one create a library from a set of existing WeBWorK problems?

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Re: Creating a library

by Michael Gage -
I can think of two methods -- one using indirection which could be done from the web -- the other involves copying files and requires access to the server.

If have a collection of problems in a homework set you can export
a set definition file from the "Hmwk editor" page. If you save this as myLibrary/set1.def
and other homework sets as myLibrary/set2.def etc. then you can
browse your "virtual" library using the set definition button in
the Library Browser. This won't work exactly as a true library (other
extraneous set definition will appear in the pop up lists) but it's functionality of grouping homework problems together is similar.

True libraries such as the ones labeled "Rochester", "Union" and so forth are created by copying the files into the desired directory structure. The top directory might be at


Then a link must be made from each courses template directory to the directory above. e.g.

ln -s /opt/webwork/libraries/myLibrary_problib myLibrary

and finally an entry must be made in the global.conf file
 $courseFiles{problibs}    = {
myLibrary => "Private Library Created by Me",

a new button will now appear in the Library Browser.

Placing the link in the templates directory of modelCourse allows you to automatically create this link for each new course.