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Having trouble using template problems from Wiki

Having trouble using template problems from Wiki

by Jim Fischer -
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Im sure Im doing something wrong, just cant figure out what the issue is this morning.

I am trying to create essay problems. I started by using the problems posted at the wiki. For example, the following problem is found doing a search on the Wiki for essay problems.


I tried copying this problem into a text editor and then uploaded to a course to access via "local problems" using the browser.

I have tried several problems and I keep getting the same error:

 Problem1 ERROR caught by Translator while processing problem file:WWprobs/Essay2.pg **************** Unrecognized character \xEF; marked by <-- HERE after ExPr__; <-- HERE near column 17 at line 1 of (eval 1915)

Here is the file I made that produces the above error:


#Load the Essay Macros

$m = random(2,5);
$b = random(20,30);
Context()->variables->add(D => 'Real');
$F = Formula("$m D + $b");
$y1 = $F->eval(D=>1);
$y2 = $F->eval(D=>2);

The cost to download data using your phone is a linear function of the amount of data downloaded. Suppose it costs $y1 dollars to download 1 gigabyte of data and $y2 dollars to download 2 gigabytes of data.
Find a formula for the cost C in terms of the amount downloaded D. $BR
What do the slope and y-intercept of this function represent? $BR
\{#Put an Essay Box where ever you want a essay type answer\}

#Essay Boxs use the essay_cmp evaluator.

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Re: Having trouble using template problems from Wiki

by Jim Fischer -
I found how to find the Wiki template problems in the NPL using the browser. The location is posted at the top of the example (not sure how I missed that)

However, I would still like to know why the above pg file wont work. I copied and pasted from the wiki to a text editor and then saved as a text file. Then uploaded to course and viewed in the local area using the browser. I think the problem has to do with how I am saving the text file, but I dont recall having issues before. It looks fine when viewing with the editor in file manager. The above file was copied to this forum directly from the file manager editor.


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Re: Having trouble using template problems from Wiki

by Jim Fischer -

I forgot to put the header in the file. Moderator, please feel free to delete this thread.