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extra info to aid students

extra info to aid students

by Dick Lane -
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My students and colleagues have suggested several ways to provide extra summary info to students.

a)  In the list of assignments, show status info for the student's work on each open assignment.  The simplest might be to append  (points earned)/total  to the right of dueDate for each live assignment.  Since a major purpose of this is to help a student select an active assignment to work on and earn points, that info should be omitted for the past-due assignments.

b)  When a student is viewing a problem, the left column lists all of the problems in the assignment.  That display could be augmented with a 3-state indication (icon or color) of the student's work for each problem: completed, some partial credit, no credit yet.

c)  The Grades display for a student has detail for each assignment, but does not include a summary line.  Having such summary, (points earned)/(total possible), would be nice --- I think at the top would be better than at the bottom.  As a detail, it's unclear whether presenting that info restricted to closed assignments or including all assignments would be better.
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Re: extra info to aid students

by Danny Glin -
I'd suggest a fourth state for b): when a student has used up all of their attempts.