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Guest Logins

Guest Logins

by Tim Alderson -
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I have added guest accounts to a class list (imported from model course as suggested) on an active course. 

The guest login option now allows one to enter the course, and to preview answers but there is no button to "Check Answers".

Any help on how to activate the "Check Answers" option would be appreciated
(Running WW2.7 on Ubuntu 12.)

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Re: Guest Logins

by Michael Gage -
Guests can see a checkAnswers button on closed sets but not on open sets.

Why? If guests can see the checkAnswers button then students, who have higher permission, can also see the checkAnswers button.  Then students could use the checkAnswer button (without their actions being recorded) until they get the correct answer, then Submit that correct answer on the first try. Probably not what you want.  

There would be more freedom to assign permissions if our permission system was not a linear hierarchy but that would be a moderately big project -- particularly to make it easy for the user to configure.

See http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/CheckAnswers_SubmitAnswers_design for more details. Please add to the use case scenarios and suggested improvements. If there is a strong enough need someone may redesign the permission system. :-)
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Re: Guest Logins

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Mike,

That's not the way the checkAnswers button works (or at least has worked in the past to my knowledge). Either the checkAnswers button is displayed or the submitAnswers button is displayed, not both. E.g. when a prof is acting as a student (under normal defaults) the checkAnswers button is displayed but the submitAnswers button is NOT displayed. There were a few people who wanted both buttons (or just the submit button) in that case but I don't know if that was implemented.  

The way WeBWorK used to work, guests could always check answers. Not sure when this changed but it was changed at least for WW 2.5.  

I can see that a student could log in as a guest, do a similar problem and then log in as themselves and do their own problem.  That's what I assume some prof's are afraid of. But prof's don't have to even allow guest logins (in fact most don't). I think the best option would be to have this be an optional course configuration thing and I would vote for the default being guests can check answers on open sets.