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by Ted Shifrin -
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Dear Mike, Davide, et al.:

Several years ago when you upgraded, compoundProblem.pl stopped working correctly and Mike gave me a klugy fix that allows me to continue using the problems I've authored. I am still having to tell students to erase the answers that appear in the next page's boxes and scoring is all messed up (although I do believe that the final score is right if someone gets 100%).

Any chance that this will get fixed before I retire (approximately a year from now) and want to bequeath you all my problems for multivariable and linear algebra? Or has it been fixed in the latest version and do we need to upgrade here at UGA?


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Re: compoundProblem.pl

by Michael Gage -
Hi Ted,

What version of WeBWorK do you have now?  If you have webwork 2.7
I can send you the version of compoundProblems that I'm working on now
(and using it in my classes this semester) and you can help debug it. :-)
It works pretty well for the students but I'm still working on making it easier to
write the problems.

The version of WeBWorK is at the bottom of each page in small type if you are using version 2.6 or later.  If there is no version you are using 2.5 or earlier and my compoundProblems might or might not work for that.

-- Mike

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Re: compoundProblem.pl

by Ted Shifrin -
Hi, Mike. Sorry about the delay -- I had been expecting an email when there was a response. I think we last updated about 2 or 3 years ago; it's always a scary thing for our IT folks to update :) We're earlier than 2.7 for sure.

But please do send me the version you're using and let me try. If nothing else, it will give us impetus to upgrade in December when classes are over.