delayed notice of availability of a Solution

delayed notice of availability of a Solution

by Dick Lane -
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My webwork2/htdocs/site_info.txt file now has the following content.

=== begin quote ===
Many problems have a solution that can be viewed after an
assignment is closed.  An unfortunate bug
<strong>delays notice of the availability of a Solution</strong>.


While viewing a problem
(<strong>after an assignment has closed</strong>),
check the <em>Show Correct Answers</em> box and click on the
<em>Check Answers</em> button.  If redisplay of the problem
then shows <em>Solution</em> (underlined) at the bottom of the
problem, you can click on that to read the problem's solution.
=== end quote  ===

Notes: this bug does not delay display for an instructor --- the bug only affects a student.  I look forward to the day when I can replace that message with something more benign.

REF (24-Sept-2013):