WW 2.7, lighttpd, ApacheSizeLimit

WW 2.7, lighttpd, ApacheSizeLimit

by Hal Sadofsky -
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Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone has really explicit instructions for how to alter the configuration files that come with the WW 2.7 LiveDVD in order to use lighttpd.

I've already installed lighttpd, and started it.  I tried following the instructions here: which are quite good, but not apparently rewritten for WW 2.7 since they make reference to the global.conf file.

I tried to adapt them and my attempt didn't quite work.  I'm sure I can do this by trial and error, but at the moment I only have a production server and not a development server (a long story) so I'm not anxious to do trial and error while students are working on their homework, nor am I anxious to get up at 4am to do this while the server is idle.  (We have about 3000 students using the server this term.)

I also have the same question for implementing ApacheSizeLimit.  Alex Basyrov has nice instructions that didn't seem to quite work in my situation,  but I'm trying to avoid the trial and error approach on my live server.

thanks,  Hal

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Re: WW 2.7, lighttpd, ApacheSizeLimit

by Hal Sadofsky -

Never mind on the lighttpd question.  I figured it out - once I had done "Option A" from, it was easy to implement the instructions for lighttpd in localOverrides.conf.