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misleading display when ActingAsStudent

misleading display when ActingAsStudent

by Dick Lane -
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If I follow a link in a student's question sent using Email Instructor, I login and then view the student's version of a problem.  Although I see the student's most recent set of answers and I see the aggregate score, my initial view does not show what the student sees upon her/his use of Submit Answers.

If I use Check Answers, what I see can differ from the student's view if the problem has
        $showPartialCorrectAnswers = 0;
I will see color-coding, green or red, of each answer but the student has not gotten that detailed feedback.  While the color-coding can speed my analysis, I would like to have some immediate clue whether I can cite (1) color-coding or should avoid (0) citing that in my response to the student.  (In the near term, I guess I will always need to invoke Edit to scan the problem's code.)
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Re: misleading display when ActingAsStudent

by Davide Cervone -
I agree with DIck, this can be a problem. I often work WW problems with students during office hours, an if we submit a problem (say a matching problem), I don't want them to see the correct/incorrect in such a problem. I wonder if there could be a control for that (perhaps the "show correct answers" checkbox could play double duty, and determine whether correct/incorrect was shown as well. Just a thought.