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Problem with Gateway Quiz

Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Alex Jordan -
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An instructor at my school is trying to use the Gateway Quiz feature. I have never used this myself. Is anyone familiar with the error he is getting? He has created a quiz but for anyone to whom the quiz is assigned, if they try to access it, they get the error message:

The selected problem set (Quiz_1) is not a valid set for alex.jordan:

One or more of the problems in this set have not been assigned to you.

With 'alex.jordan' replaced by the user's name of course. The settings for this quiz are:


Answers Due

Answers Available

Visible to Students NoYes

Reduced Credit Enabled NoYes

Assignment type homeworkgateway/quizproctored gateway/quiz
Gateway parameters

Test Time Limit (min)

Cap Test Time at Set Due Date? NoYes

Number of Graded Submissions per Test

Time Interval for New Test Versions (min; 0=infty)

Number of Tests per Time Interval (0=infty)

Order Problems Randomly NoYes

Number of Problems per Page (0=all)

Show Scores on Finished Assignments? YesNoOnly after set answer dateTotals only (not problem scores)Totals only, only after answer date

Show Student Work on Finished Tests YesNoOnly after set answer date

And this is a very new installation of:

from the Live DVD.
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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Alex,

What source files are specified for the problems in the quiz? I'm wondering if one or more of the problems is being drawn from a problem group which isn't well defined.


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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Alex Jordan -
Hi Gavin,

None of the problems come from problem groups. Below is the contents of a set definition file made from exporting the quiz. (I see now that my copy and paste of the settings before did not go through.) Do the blank entries need to specifically be set?

Also, I changed the assignment to regular homework and there are no problems accessing the problems.
openDate = 10/01/2013 at 07:20pm PDT dueDate = 10/15/2013 at 05:00pm PDT answerDate = 10/15/2013 at 05:00pm PDT paperHeaderFile = defaultHeader screenHeaderFile = assignmentType = gateway attemptsPerVersion = 1 timeInterval = versionsPerInterval = 1 versionTimeLimit = 36000 problemRandOrder = 0 problemsPerPage = hideScore = N hideWork = N capTimeLimit = 0 problemList = Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EnglishToMath/englishToMath45.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EnglishToMath/englishToMath50.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EnglishToMath/englishToMath55.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EnglishToMath/englishToMath90.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EvaluateExpressions/evaluateInContext10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EnglishToMath/englishToMath140.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/EnglishToMath/englishToMath170.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/AddFractions04.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/AddFractions10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/AddFractions22.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/AddFractions26.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/DivideFractions10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/DivideFractions50.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionArithmetic/SubtractFractions20.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionMixedNumbersBasics/ImproperFractionToMixedNumber10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionMixedNumbersBasics/MixedNumberToImproperFraction10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionMixedNumbersBasics/ReduceFraction10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionMixedNumbersBasics/ReduceFraction20.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/ComparisonsAndBasicInequalities/CompareFractionOperations10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/ComparisonsAndBasicInequalities/CompareNumbers20.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/FractionMixedNumbersBasics/FractionToDecimal10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/NumberBasics/AbsoluteValue10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/NumberBasics/NumberLine10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/AlgebraicProperties/DistributiveProperty10.pg, 1, Oregon/PCC/PreCollegeAlgebra/AlgebraicProperties/DistributiveProperty40.pg, 1, 
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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Ever Barbero -
I have the same problem with quiz #2 this semester, which has only 1 problem, numbered #1. See it here: http://forum.cadec-online.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=100&p=543#p543
I have the same problem with my quiz #1 this semester, that has 2 problems that are numbered 1 and 2. But earlier this semester I was able to print that same quiz!!!
I think I have changed something that triggered this error but I can't figure out what.
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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Danny Glin -
Based on your screenshots this is not the same problem. In Alex's case he was not able to start the quiz at all. Your screenshots show that the quiz was generated.
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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Danny Glin -
Are the problems in the set numbered consecutively starting from 1?

In the past, if there was a problem number missing, then gateway quizzes tended to fall apart.  This happened to us when an instructor deleted a problem from the middle of the set, then didn't reorder the problems.

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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Alex Jordan -
That was it! Thanks Danny.

Is this worthy of a bug report? Perhaps something should prevent skipped numbers when the set is made into a quiz.
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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Michael Gage -
Probably worth it just so that we have a record for the next time someone comes up against this behavior.

I have a feeling that the "right" fix to this won't happen until we get to redo the database (so that the problem numbers/names are not primary keys).  Someone might see a clever hack in the meantime.

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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
One of our instructors is dealing with this error message on a Gateway Quiz.

She did all of her assessment prep in the summer, so she had everything set up on WeBWorK through to the final exam, but she didn't yet know the date. (Exam dates were released by our registrar this week.)
After changing the date, she is not able to access the quiz as the instructor. I have tried accessing it as Admin (and the admin account was only just assigned to the set) and get the same error.
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Re: Problem with Gateway Quiz

by Sean Fitzpatrick -

We couldn't figure out what was wrong with the quiz we had, so the instructor used the nuclear option:

- copy all problem paths into a text file

- delete quiz

- make new quiz with correct dates, and a bunch of empty problem templates

- paste problem sets back in, and save

This resulted in a working quiz.

Possibly related: we have periodic rerandomization turned on, but it causes all sorts of trouble with our database. (It's still useful enough to keep it, though.)

It used to be that requesting a new version of a question locked some settings in the database. Since last year, simply *viewing* a question is enough to have your individual version locked in the database, so that changes in the homework sets editor do not apply to your version.

Nobody else seems to be able to reproduce this bug though, and I have no idea what is different on my server.