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Problem with MathJax in 2.7

Problem with MathJax in 2.7

by Alex Jordan -
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After upgrading to 2.7, MathJax rendering seems to lost a lot of its functionality, at least in Firefox. We've lost the ability to right-click to change MathJax settings. And we've lost the auto-zoom feature when hovering (although I think this can be set if we could access the MathJax menu).

I've seen this behavior disappear in a newer Firefox on a PC and an older Firefox on a Mac. I haven't had the chance yet to test this on IE, but I'm concerned that if we can't access the MathJax menu, then we won't be able to get a screen reader to work (currently IE9, MathPlayer, and MathJax is *the* way to get a screen reader to read math content).

I'm hoping I am just oblivious to an alternate way to access the MathJax menu. Is that the case?
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Re: Problem with MathJax in 2.7

by Davide Cervone -
The menu settings were changed in 2.7 in order to allow assistive technology to work WITOUT having to use the menu. But the menu IS still available, but via ALT-clicking (that's a left-click) the math instead of right-clicking it.

It turns out the MathJax contextual menu gets in the way of some screen readers, and it is difficult for some of those needing assistive technology to activate the menu, so the default settings were changed.

See if ALT-clicking doesn't do what you need.
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Re: Problem with MathJax in 2.7

by Alex Jordan -
That does it, thanks.

I found it mostly nice (although occasionally interfering) when the default zoom trigger was a mouse-hover. Otherwise, without special instruction, most students will not ever be aware of the capacity to zoom. Is there a way to change these defaults in a config file? Will changing that particular default interfere with assistive technology like a screen reader?

Also, would there be a negative to setting the default math rendering to MathML instead of CSS HTML? I believe our screen-reader experiments were only successful with IE9, MathPlayer, and MathJax set to MathML rendering. So if there are no down sides, it would be nice to make MathML the default.