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Students can't view solutions (WeBWorK 2.7)

Students can't view solutions (WeBWorK 2.7)

by Chris Hughes -
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Our students don't have access to the 'Solution' button that gives the nice expandable box displaying the solution. We're using WeBWorK 2.7, and it appears to be independent of the theme that we choose.

Interestingly, if we enter a solution and click on 'Check answers', then the Solution link appears, and all is good. Also, the students can access the solutions if they generate a hard copy.

Has anyone come up against this problem before?
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Re: Students can't view solutions (WeBWorK 2.7)

by Dick Lane -
My 24-Sept-2013 comment for
described this bug (including the fact that it does not appear when an instructor is "Acting As a student").

You can view my contemporaneous Bugzilla report using URL

My 7-Oct-2013 post at
describes what I have done as a crude substitute for a fix.

FWiW: merely clicking on "Check Answers" is sufficient to expose the link to Solution, entering an answer is not required.  If the problem displays a "Get a new version" button, then clicking on it will also expose the link to the Solution.

OTOH: displaying another problem and then returning to the problem will require yet another "Check Answer" click before its solution can be displayed again.