Mathjax Doesn't Work

Mathjax Doesn't Work

by Fred Sullivan -
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I'm running version 2.7 on a Linux machine with Apache in a virtual host and I don't want to upgrade until after the semester is over. Everything else in Webwork works with no problem.

I'm almost certain that Mathjax used to work, possibly with an earlier installation, but I just noticed that now it doesn't. 

The symptom is [math] appearing in place of an equation.

I have installed the latest Mathjax into /opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/mathjax.

I know that this is where Webwork is looking, because if I rename this directory, an error shows up in the Apache error logs. When it's named mathjax, no errors appear. Furthermore, Webwork is at least retrieving the config file, because it shows up in the Apache access logs.

The files in the mathjax directory all have the same ownership as the other files in the htdocs directory.

Mathjax fails to work with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (I haven't tested IE).

Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be wrong?

Incidentally, Mathjax works on my server outside of Webwork just fine.

Any help will be appreciated.