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single AnswerHint after checking a list

single AnswerHint after checking a list

by Dick Lane -
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One of my problems presents values for two functions (permutations of 0..5) in a table and the student task is to complete a table for a composite function.

    foreach  my $j  (0 .. 5)  { $r[$j] = $p[ $q[$j] ] };

answer checking
    foreach  my $y  ( @r )  { ANS( Real("$y") -> cmp() ) }

If the student answer is not completely correct but matches the composition q(p(x)), then I would like to offer a suitable hint.  Although I know how to use withPostFilter(AnswerHints …) for an individual cmp(), I don't see how to provide both
1) feedback for each individual cell of answer table
2) potentially offer single hint for wrong order of composition [but skip that if  p(q(x)) = q(p(x)) ]

Suggestions will be welcomed.

FWiW: table rows are x, p(x), q(x)  AND  finding  p( q(x) )  requires a bit more care than finding  q( p(x) ).