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Manually change grades

Manually change grades

by Leo Butler -
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I messed up a problem grader midway through a problem set. The problem set is now closed, and I would like to give credit for students who entered a correct answer. Any suggestions on how I can do this? TIA, Leo
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Re: Manually change grades

by Michael Gage -
You can give credit to everyone quite easily:

Go to the homeworkset editor and edit this homeworkset.  There is a checkbox called "Mark correct" for each problem.  Checking that and saving will mark the problem correct for the entire class.  I do that quite often if a problem doesn't work for some reason.

for individuals:
From the homeworkset page you can also look at the individual record for each student (link in the upper right hand corner).  In each record you can adjust individual scores (called "status" in this view).  This will be time consuming if you are trying to give credit to more than a few students.   

Hope this helps.

-- Mike

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Re: Manually change grades

by Quanlei (Shelley) Fang -

Thanks a lot for the information! It works great for manually changing grades for homework problems.

But it seems that this does not work for gateway test/quiz problems here (V2.7). The 'status'  is 0 for each problem (even if the grades for some problems are not 0). When we change a 0 to 1 the grade does not change. Any ideas on how to manually changing an individual grade for a gateway test/quiz problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Manually change grades

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi QL,

For gateway/quiz sets the status of the problems is slightly more complicated: there is a set (e.g., "quiz01") that is assigned to every student, but it's essentially a template for the set that they actually work. The latter will have ",vN" appended for the Nth version of the quiz that is taken. If the quiz is only given once, there will be only one of these.

The result of this is that changing the status of the "quiz01" set doesn't change how the student seems to have done on the assignment—that is governed by the status of the problems on the "quiz01,v1" set. You can edit that as well, but it requires some finding because it isn't a set that appears in the list on the instructor tools or homework sets editor pages.

To update a version of a gateway/quiz for a student, you want to edit all sets assigned to the student (Instructor Tools -> View/edit all sets for one user). That will give a list of sets including the versions of the set that the student has taken, and clicking on the version name ("quiz01,v1") will allow editing anything about it, including the status of the problems.

(This is described on the Gateway/Quiz wiki page, Gateway Tests and Quizzes.)


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Re: Manually change grades

by Gabriela Sanchis -
I tried the instructions for changing grades on gateway quizzes on the Gateway/Quiz wiki page, but they don't seem to work. When I go through Instructor Tools to edit all of a student's assigned sets, I can see a link to each of the student's assigned sets, but not to the individual versions he took. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Manually change grades

by Danny Glin -
What version of WeBWorK are you running (it should say at the bottom of any WeBWorK page)?  In recent versions, under the generic test, I see links to "Test 1, Test 2, ...".