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Link that only TA+ can see

Re: Link that only TA+ can see

by Alex Jordan -
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I ended up adding the following to ContentGenerator.pm, right at the end of the Instructor Tools (right after the Instructor Links).

if (exists $ce->{webworkURLs}{userGuide} and $ce->{webworkURLs}{userGuide} ne ""
and $authz->hasPermissions($userID, "access_instructor_tools")) {
print CGI::li(CGI::a({href=>$ce->{webworkURLs}{userGuide}}, $r->maketext("Comprehensive User Guide for PCC faculty")));

And then I put a line in localOverrides.conf defining:
$webworkURLs{userGuide} = "http://spot.pcc.edu/~ajordan/WeBWorKUserGuide.pdf";