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Sample of GeogebraWebApplet (html5)?

Sample of GeogebraWebApplet (html5)?

by Bruce Cohen -
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I see that AppletObjects.pl now has some "initial support for the GeogebraWebApplet."   GeoGebra 4.4 has is a good place to build HTML5 applets.   Is there a sample .pg file I could use to try my hand at authoring a problem?   

The wiki has a detailed example of a Java based GeoGebra applet at <http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/GeoGebraApplets#.Uq_ym2RDs64>   

I have played with the base64 code from that example and know that this small amount of code (as long as the entire base64 string is included) runs on Chrome (and inexpensive Chromebooks)

An edited version of the .pg file even without the comments would be great.



<!--------- begin code sample ----->

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="

<article class="geogebraweb" data-param-width="486" data-param-height="306" 
data-param-showResetIcon="true" data-param-enableRightClick="false"
data-param-showMenuBar="false" data-param-showToolBar="false"

data-param-ggbbase64="UEsDBBQACAAIAGKtZj ...AAAAAA=="

<!----- end code sample ---> 
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Re: Sample of GeogebraWebApplet (html5)?

by Bruce Cohen -
I have taken the GeoGebra1.pg file described at on the wiki at GeoGebra Applets.    You can find my version at 
http://tetrahedra.net/ww/GeoGebra1-ggbweb.pg   This probably requires WeBWork version 2.8 or at least 

On Applet.pm,  I would change line 1149 to use GeoGebra 4.4 rather than 4.2 for better html5 support

Comments will be appreciated.