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Resetting Course Privlilige to Professor

Resetting Course Privlilige to Professor

by Jim Fischer -
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I didnt know this was possible, but one of our instructors accidently changed their permission status to student in one of their courses. Now they cant access course as a professor.

Is there a way to change their status to professor by editing a file from line command?

Or would they be better off creating a new course?


( I usually leave at least one other admin in my class list for this type of situation, Im not sure if they did this)

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Re: Resetting Course Privlilige to Professor

by Michael Gage -
It will take a little work but you can fix this.

go to webwork2/bin and edit the file "addprofa"

go through and replace profa by your login,
add your password,
setPermissionLevel to 10 so that you'll be an instructor.

save the file as addAdmin

or something like that.

On the command line type

wwsh courseName # wwsh stands for webwork shell

then type source addAdmin

and the script you just created will be run and you'll be
placed back on the command line.
The script will add you as admin
to the course and you can go in and reset the permission levels.

It's useful to keep this script around for situations like this.

You can also create a script putAdmin
which is the same except that you change addUser to putUser,
addPassword to putPassword and so forth. This allows you
to update data if the user is already in the course and is not being added.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike
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Re: Resetting Course Privlilige to Professor

by Jim Fischer -
Thanks Mike!

I am saving this script. I will give it a go later today.