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making a table in PG

making a table in PG

by joel robbin -
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I want to write a problem which includes a table.
Including the HTML commands works fine except for
the fact that it won't print correctly. What to do?
I tried using \begin{tabular}{lll} etc. but that failed
miserably. Where is it explained what LaTeX commands
are recognized by WeBWorK?
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Re: making a table in PG

by Robin Cruz -

Here's an example:

\{begintable(3)\}          #Note: Indicate the number of columns
\{row( '\( x \)',  '\(f(x)\)', '\(g(x)\)' )\}
\{row( $x[0], $f[0], $g[0] ) \}
\{row( $x[1], $f[1], $g[1] ) \}
\{row( $x[2], $f[2], $g[2] ) \}
\{row( $x[3], $f[3], $g[3] ) \}
\{row( $x[4], $f[4], $g[4] ) \}