warning: status abbreviation ' ' not found in %statuses

Re: warning: status abbreviation ' ' not found in %statuses

by Dick Lane -
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Danny & Mike --- THANKS !

Your diagnosis was exact.  The fix was easy (and confirmed by no warning for a subsequent assignment).

In hindsight, I created this scenario by adding two logins for a math-ed major who will aide discussions during my calculus class.  After creating the classlist file in my standard way, I appended two lines for her: one as a student, other as a TA --- both with status omitted.  I've since changed her status to Audit for both logins.

  a) there is a wiki page with mildly misleading info that C is default status --- Mike's "making some adjustments" phrase clarifies that the warning affirms the default.

  b) statistics need to be fixed because performance by an Audit is NOT omitted from the summary presentation.  (OTOH: I suspect the statistics module has deeper defects.)