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Materials for Rogawski's "Calculus"

Materials for Rogawski's "Calculus"

by Sam Hathaway -
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W.H. Freeman has released some WeBWorK materials to accompany their new Calculus text by Jon Rogawski. To assist instructors who are using this book, we have added tags to around 1500 problems in the National Problem Library correlating them to exercises in Rogawski. These are in the ASU database_problems CVS module now, so if you have an up-to-date NPL and are using WeBWorK 2.4, you will see "Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Rogawski (edition 1)" in the list of textbooks when you request an advanced search in the Library Browser.

More information is available at:

Sam Hathaway
WeBWorK Consultant
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Re: Materials for Rogawski's "Calculus"

by Dennis Keeler -
On a related topic, does anyone know about WeBWorK modules for Thomas' Calculus (Early Transcendentals in particular)? My school has recently switched to Thomas (from Stewart). I spoke with our rep yesterday and she knew nothing about WeBWorK. They prefer the students pay for MyMathLab, which requires IE for Windows, due to being based on ActiveX. Blech! (Thanks for an awesome program which beats the commercial products in terms of compatibility and stability!)

The publisher's (Prentice Hall) website has listed availability of 02/01/2007.

Fortunately, Stewart and Thomas are nearly isomorphic (birational?) to each other, to the point of absurdity with chapter and section numbers matching. So using the NPL has not been hard for me this semester. Still, it would be nice to have the official modules. -Dennis
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Re: Materials for Rogawski's "Calculus"

by Curtis Card -

Again on a related topic. Does anyone know about WeBWorK modules for Larson'sĀ Calculus 8th Edition?

Curtis Card
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