Colleague can't register

Colleague can't register

by Ken Levasseur -
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A colleague of mine is having problems registering for the forums. Here is is his message to me. I couldn't find any place on the site to address his problem. Anyone in the forum who could help?

Hi Ken,

Do you have any contacts with people at MAA? I am diving pretty
deep into writing webwork problems (to the level of writing a new
context for handling functions and constants for quantum mechanics) and
I am running into odd behavior that I can't find any references on. I
tried signing up for their forum and the registration page has an error
in it that basically makes it inoperative. Emailing webmaster@maa.org
appears to be a black hole as I have gotten no replies.


Joel Therrien
Associate Professor
ABET coordinator, Electrical Engineering
ECE Dept., U Mass-Lowell