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Improving Problem Sets from Publishers

Improving Problem Sets from Publishers

by Jim Fischer -
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I wasnt sure where to post this. So I will start here.

I like that the publishers are trying to put out WW problem sets. However, I feel that the WW community should try to help make the distribution a smoother process.

For example:

1. Where to send bug reports? So far the publishers I have dealt with have no process for this.
2. Where to get updated problem sets?

Its understandable that the publishers don't have a lot of cash to put out for this. They would really like to sell their electronic products instead. This is why it might be nice to get some WW volunteers to help them.

Here is an example of what I just dealt with. I asked the publisher for the WW problems that they advertised for a certain text. They sent me over 2000 problems that were not organized at all. I had to spend a couple of hours organizing the problems into chapter and section. Fortunately they named the problem files by section. They did not include any *.png files so that many problems with graphs were incomplete or not functional. I ended up emailing authors for these missing files. Many of the problems have errors, but there is nowhere to send bug reports.