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Note to Self feature

Note to Self feature

by Alex Jordan -
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A student suggested a feature that I think might be nice to have. It's coming up on my WeBWorK projects list, and I wanted to check in with people who know more than I do to see if I will be going about it in the right way.

What if while working on a problem, somewhere on the screen there was a text field where a student could simply store notes for themselves. This suggestion came from a student who kept such notes on paper and had trouble tracking which notes go with which problems.

I imagine that this could borrow heavily from how essays are handled, particularly the feedback messages from instructors to the students about their essays. For each student, for each problem, there would be a space in the database that could store their notes on how they solved the problem. Like with essays, it would be LaTeX-capable. A reasonable, adjustable, character limit would be in place. The whole thing could be turned off, if so desired.

First does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding a feature like this?

Second, will I be on the right path if I track how essay-feedback messages from instructors to students are handled, and copy that?