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Identifying MathObjects version problems in Library

Identifying MathObjects version problems in Library

by Michele Titcombe -
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One thing mentioned in Workshop 1 was that one can modify existing Library problems as a basis for creating new WeBWorK problems. If doing this, I'd only like to modify ones that use MathObjects.

However, I have noticed that some problems in the Library, but not all, are identified as MathObjects version with the COMMENT('MathObjects Version'); line at the bottom of the code, which then displays as a blue line when viewing the problems in the Library.

Is there a way to select only MathObject version problems from the Library?

My brute force method is to (1) look for the MathObjects Version blue line, and then (2) look inside the code of non-blue line ones that appear "newer" and see if a line contains Context("Numeric"); or something like that.
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Re: Identifying MathObjects version problems in Library

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Michele,

I think your method is about as good as one has when looking through the Library. I don't know of any way to search explicitly on MathObjects use, and don't know how reliable the "uses MathObjects" comment is.